Supplier Resources and Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding Flynn Marketplace/Coupa

  • You will find all of your training needs on this page under Supplier Links – Flynn Marketplace/Coupa.
  • If you should have any additional questions as you onboard to Flynn Marketplace/Coupa, please send to

Updates and Announcements

12/5/23 NEW Invoice Submission Updates

  • When submitting Non-PO Backed Invoices, please select the Bill To Address as Flynn Group moving forward.
  • Now, when submitting a Non-PO Backed Invoice an invoice attachment will be a required field.

Flynn Marketplace/COUPA Rollout Schedule:

  • 08/14/2023 – Support Center, Panera and Arby’s Pilot (Pilot Restaurant Listing)
  • 08/28/2023 – Panera Full Brand Rollout
  • 09/05/2023 – Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Pilot (Pilot Restaurant Listing)
  • 09/11/2023 – Applebee’s and Wendy’s Pilot (Pilot Restaurant Listing)
  • 09/11/2023 – Arby’s Full Brand Rollout
  • 09/25/2023 – Pizza Hut Full Brand Rollout
  • 10/09/2023 – Taco Bell Full Brand Rollout
  • 10/23/2023 – Applebee’s and Wendy’s Full Brand Rollout

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